Applications for Chile’s Agrobiotech Challenge now open! Are you the one to help innovate Chile's agricultural sector?

Vineyard Chile Agritech

Applications for Biotech challenge now open!


  • Applications within Chile only
  • Jointly organized by Concha y Toro & Agrosuper, led by Austral Incuba
  • Focus areas for Agritech solutions:
    • New and better foods
    • Revaluation of by-products
    • Molecular biology
    • Agriculture and precision engineering
  • Apply here –, deadline 15 Feb 2021

Austral Incuba, the incubator and business accelerator of the Austral University of Chile is currently seeking applicants to apply for its #Agrobiotech challenge which is jointly organized by Chile’s two biggest companies – Concha y Toro and Agrosuper.

The aim of the #Agrobiotech Challenge calls for startups from Chile to generate sustainable innovative solutions with a focus on the following four areas in agribusiness:

1) New and better foods

2) Revaluation of by-products

3) Molecular biology

4) Agriculture and precision engineering

The aim of which is to help solve the challenges which Concha y Toro and Agrosuper are facing.

Most notably for Agrosuper, the company is looking to move into creating and designing new food solutions – whether it be packaging, sales process or new products.

On the other hand, Concha y Toro is keen on developing smart management for the nutrition of its vines. The purpose is to develop models based on artificial intelligence for the determination of optimal and precise doses of nutrients to apply during the fertilization of vineyards. In addition, Concha y Toro is also looking in the development of molecular tools for the detection of specific species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and trichodermas used as biological reinforcing agents in Vitis vinifera.

Click the link here to find out more about the program.

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