Comprehensive List of Incubators in Singapore

Complete list of Incubators in Singapore
Incubators Singapore

Comprehensive List of Incubators in Singapore

1. BLOCK71

BLOCK71 is managed by NUS Enterprises to spearhead the startup ecosystem in the country. Blk71 is now home to hundreds of tech-related start-ups, venture capitalists and incubators.

Sectors: AI, Security, Fintech, Energy, ICT, SaaS, Agtech

Benefits: Strong ties to the university NUS, and also to industry players and leaders such as Singapore Airlines

2. Entrepreneur First

Who: Global incubation and acceleration program with offices in Singapore, Toronto, Paris, London, Bangalore and Berlin

Sectors: Healthtech, Edtech, Fintech, Manufacturing and more

Benefits: Strong networking opportunities, especially to find co-founders with funding of up to S$75,000 (approx US$ 58,000) for a 10% equity stake in the company.

3. EthAum Venture Partners Incubator

Who: EthAum Venture Partners is an incubator and accelerator for the deep tech startups

Sectors: Deep tech

Benefits: Funding of up to USD 50K and acquiring customers in South East Asia and India

4. F10 Incubator

Who: F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with offices in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona.

Sectors: Insurtech, Fintech, SaaS, AI, Blockchain and more

Benefits: Free office space and 15,000 EUR/CHF/20,000 SGD in expenses, support with incorporation and recruiting

5. ICE71

Who: ICE71 is focused on building a cybersecurity pipeline of talent and activities in Singapore.

Sectors: Cybersecurity

Benefits: Designed to help international and local start-ups grow their business in Singapore, and within the Asia Pacific region. Under their program, participants will take up residency at ICE71, establishing their Asia Pacific operations.

6. Innovate 360 Incubator

Who: Innovate 360 is South East Asia’s 1st food incubator with 90,000 sqf premises of space  housing research and development laboratories, a co-working space, trading, logistics and manufacturing facilities

Sectors: Foodtech, Agtech

Benefits: Initial investment in a company ranges from SGD 50,000 to SGD 250,000 (US$ 38,000 to US $190,000)

7. NTUitive

Who: NTUitive is the innovation and enterprise company – and a wholly-owned subsidiary – of Nanyang Technological University that aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

Sectors: Wellness, Medtech, Fintech and more

Benefits: Grants ranges from SGD 50,000 to SGD 250,000 (US$ 38,000 to US $190,000)

8. NUS Start-up Runway

Who: NUS Enterprise actively promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates global mind-sets and talents through the synergies of experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry partnerships, holistic entrepreneurship support and catalytic entrepreneurship outreach.

Sectors: Healthtech, Foodtech, Medtech and more

Benefits: Various grants and programs available, click here to find out more

9. PayPal Incubator

Who: PayPal Innovation Lab is a fintech focused incubator aimed at making investments in seed-stage firms based in Singapore.

Sectors: Fintech

Benefits: Provides workshops and skills training alongside other benefits

10. Shell Startup Engine

Who: Shell StartUp Engine is a global innovation programme for early to mid-stage energy start-ups looking to develop their capabilities and power business growth within the smart, clean energy landscape.

Sectors: Cleantech

Benefits: Insights, workshops and connections into the industry

11. SMU IIE Business Innovations Generator

Who: SMU IIE runs an incubator program ‘BIG’ that aims to provide support to founders interested in entrepreneurial pursuit. Thus far, 263 startups have been incubated with up to US$100 raised

Sectors: SaaS, Marketplace, Social Enterprises and more

Benefits: Equity free grants, co-working spaces and mentorship

12. Spaze Ventures Incubator

Who: Spaze Ventures is a seed capital firm that provides seed funding and mentorship to the founders of early stage startups with its incubation program

Sectors: Proptech, E-Commerce, HR and more

Benefits: Seed funding between SGD $50,000 to SGD $500,000 (US$ 38,000 to US $380,000) for a small equity stake, along with intensive mentorship and training.

13. StartupX

Who: StartupX runs various incubator and government run programs

Sectors: Smart Cities, AI, Fintech, VR and more

Benefits: Startups receive over SGD$ 300,000 (US$ 220,000) worth of benefits and perks that will help them build and grow their company.

13. TNF Ventures

Who: TNF Ventures is a VC firm focused on grooming the next generation of startups, it also runs an incubator program along with the Singapore government.

Sectors: Travel, Music, HR and more

Benefits: Investment of up to US$ 360,000 USD

14. Vikingcubator

Who: Vikingcubator is an initiative started by NHST Media Group Asia that is focused on startups in the media industry

Sectors: Media

Benefits: Runs a 120 days program which offers financial investment, access to A-list media mentors, networking opportunities and working space.

Looking for more information about the Startup ecosystem in Singapore? Do check out the other lists which we have compiled below

Last Updated: March 2021

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