Comprehensive List of Accelerators in Singapore Look no further and accelerate away!

Comprehensive List of Accelerators in Singapore

1. Accelerating Asia

Who: Accelerating Asia is the leading startup accelerator platform that connects investors, partners and clients to the best startups in Asia. The company also runs a VC fund.

Benefits: Runs a 100-day accelerator & up to US$150,000 in investment

2. Accelerator EPS

Who: Accelerator EPS aims to cultivate and mentor the next generation of maritime technology entrepreneurs, it is run by Eastern Pacific Shipping and powered by Techstars. 

Benefits: Office Space, funding and mentorship

3. AIRmaker

Who: Airmaker invests in IoT (Internet-of-Things) start-ups focusing in Digital Health and Smart Cities segments. The company also runs initiatives at the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Laboratory

Benefits: Office Space, mentorship and grant support

4. Ampersand Accelerator

Who: Ampersand is a Singapore-based accelerator that runs a program consisting of online learning, weekly workshops, and a 5-day Boot Camp. The program caters mainly to design and creative startups that have an initial base of customers.

Benefits: Mentorship and community

5. Antler

Who: Antler is a global early-stage VC that runs an accelerator program for early stage startups.


For founders who are in Singapore, Antler provide a grant of US$1,500 per month during Phase 1 of the program. Antler also invests US$100,000 for a 10% equity stake in each company selected by their investment committee.

After the investment, companies are required to pay a program fee of US$40,000 to cover the cost of the program. If you don’t get an investment, you don’t pay any program fee to Antler.

6. EduSpaze

Who: EduSpaze is building the ecosystem in Southeast Asia to help edtech startups succeed


EduSpaze provides a 100-day acceleration programme, customised for each startup with seed funding of up to US$400,000 for a small equity stake, based on the company’s valuation.

7. Entrepreneur First

Who: Global incubation and acceleration program with offices in Singapore, Toronto, Paris, London, Bangalore and Berlin


14 week in person program with a pre-seed funding of US$55,000 for a 10% equity stake.

8. EthAum Venture Partners Accelerator

Who: EthAum Venture Partners is an incubator and accelerator for the deep tech startups

Benefits: Funding of up to USD 50K and acquiring customers in South East Asia and India

9. F10 Accelerator

Who: Global incubation and acceleration program with offices in Singapore, Toronto, Paris, London, Bangalore and Berlin


14 week in person program with a pre-seed funding of US$55,000 for a 10% equity stake.

10. GROW

Who: GROW is Southeast Asia’s first dedicated agrifoodtech accelerator with an impact focus

Benefits: Five month accelerator program with up to USD$200K worth of cash and in-kind investment, along with access to mentors and connections.

11. HyperX

Who: HyperX is a flagship global innovation program brought together by a partnership between StartupX and Temasek to build startups to a global scale.

Benefits: 14 week in person program with a pre-seed funding of US$55,000 for a 10% equity stake.

12. ICE71

Who: ICE71 is focused on building a cybersecurity pipeline of talent and activities in Singapore.

Benefits: Mentor, networks and facilities

13. ImpacTech

Who: ImpacTech is a leading capacity builder in South East Asia and Japan, that empowers and support startups that create social, environmental and economical impact.

Benefits: Various programs available including the Startup Sg Founder scheme that provides up to US$40,000 by matching US$4 to every US$1 raised by the entrepreneur.

14. Iterative

Who: Iterative is an accelerator program that helps startup through the initial phase and runs programs in batches

Benefits: Invest US$150K for 10% of your startup, providing mentorship and guidance as well

15. Mastercard Start Path

Who: Mastercard Start Path is a global startup program  to help the best & brightest later stage startups maximize their opportunity for success

Benefits: Average funding of US$8.1M with access to Mastercard’s network of partners

16. Mbanq LABS Accelerator

Who: Mbanq LABS accelerator targets fintech startups looking to scale

Benefits: Office space, mentorship and various other benefits and support

17. PIER71

Who: PIER71 aims to establish Singapore as a vibrant maritime ecosystem spearheading world-class innovation. It also runs various programs including a PIER71 accelerator program

Benefits: Mentor, networks, workshops and access to investors

18. Singapore Tourism Accelerator

Who: The Singapore Tourism Accelerator is a highly-selective, equity-free 4-month program for the world’s most promising technology startups or pre-scaleups that can power the travel and tourism industry.

Benefits: During the pilot implementation, companies will receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs, up to US$ 20,000 per company to testbed their solutions. All companies will receive a one-time relocation stipend of US$3,500 per company for the duration of their physical participation in the programme, as well as assistance with temporary relocation (co-living and entrepreneurs’ visa) to Singapore.

19. Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore

Who: Startupbootcamp FinTech is the leading global accelerator focused on financial innovation.

Benefits: Intense three month program with mentorship, access to investors and US$ 20,000 in cash per team to cover living expenses during the program

20. The FinLab

Who: The FinLab is an innovation accelerator powered by United Overseas Bank (UOB) and SGInnovate for fintechs and start-ups to develop fit-for-market solutions.

Benefits: Mentor, networks, connections and various perks

21. TNB Ventures Accelerator

Who: TNB Ventures runs various accelerator programs covering multiple sectors of Maritime, Built Environment, Real Estate, Cybersecurity and others.

Benefits: Grant support, mentorship and networking

22. Tribe Accelerator

Who: Tribe Accelerator is an accelerator that provides their portfolio companies a hyperconnected platform to accelerate their innovative use cases through a global network of MNCs, government agencies and top tech companies.

Benefits: Mentor, networks, workshops and more

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Last Updated: March 2021

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