Comprehensive List of Accelerators in Taiwan

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Comprehensive List of Accelerators in Taiwan

1. Mox

Who: MOX is an accelerator focusing on mobile startups.MOX is a part of SOSV, the Accelerator VC, with over US$700M under management investing through its six global accelerators and a lab.

Benefits:3 month accelerator program whereby MOX invest approximately US$150,000, of which US$45,000 is the program cost for a 6% equity stake

2. Appworks

Who: Appworks is a seed and growth stage accelerator that has a war chest of US$ 170 million of assets under management. AppWorks can go from a US$200K seed round all the way to leading with $10 million into a C round and currently runs a 6 month accelerator program focusing on startups in the AI , IoT and blockchain segment.

Benefits: Mentorship, investments, co-working spaces and connections

3. Sparklabs

Who: Sparklabs runs a mentorship driven 3-month accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups focusing on AI, IoT and VR

Benefits: Up to US$40,000 investment in all startups in exchange for up to 6% equity, mentorship, office space and others

4. Taiwan Accelerator

Taiwan Accelerator

Who: Taiwan Accelerator is a seed accelerator that runs a runs a 3-4 month accelerator program focused on 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and next gen computing technologies.

Benefits:USD30,000 for 10% stake; or, USD18,000 for 6% stake, mentorship, fundraising and networks

5. BE Accelerator

Who: BE Accelerator supports both local and international startups to start, scale and grow within the healthcare system, specifically AI, medical device and digital health

Benefits: Mentorship, fundraising, Office space and more

6. Hype Sports Innovation

Who: HYPE Sports Innovation has built the largest global ecosystem in sports innovation. It currently runs a HYPE SPIN Accelerator Taiwan that aims to build Asia’s first sports innovation ecosystem, focusing on sports tech startups

Benefits: Mentorship, Investors, Networking and more

7. Garage+

Who: Garage+ helps facilitate early-stage startups to build a team, enhance connections, access fundraising resources and eventually get to the top.

Benefits: Mentorship, Funding (Angel, Seed and up), Office Space and more

8. StarFab Accelerator

Who: Starfab runs various accelerator programs targeted towards Smart Cities, Medtech, AgTech, Fintech and more

Benefits: Funding and grants of up to US$350,000, mentorship and more


Who: IAPS is a tech-oriented and university-affiliated startup accelerator that runs various accelerator programs.

Benefits: Funding opportunities, connections, mentorship and more

10. Food Land

Who: Foodland aims to build a food tech ecosystem in Taiwan. They conduct various batches of acceleration programs and within batch, they invest in 5-10 high potential startups,

Benefits: Investment, mentorship and more


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Last Updated: March 2021

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