Comprehensive List of Venture Capital Firms in Taiwan A definitive list of venture capital firms in Taiwan

Taiwan Venture Capital

Comprehensive List of Venture Capital Firms in Taiwan

1. ACE Capital

Who: ACE Capital is a tech focused venture capital firm, headquartered in Taiwan focused on investments into seed and early stage companies, mostly in North and South East Asia.

Sectors: SaaS, Fintech, Business Services

2. AppWorks

Who: Appworks is one of the most active early-stage VCs in Greater Southeast Asia, we invest in 10-15 deals a year. The company also runs an accelerator program. 

Sectors: SaaS, Transport, Marketplaces and more

3. China Development Industrial Bank ​

China Development Industrial Bank

Who: China Development Industrial Bank focuses is a private financial institution in Taiwan focused on investing approximately US$1 million – US$ 5 million in budding startups primarily in Taiwan, Asia Pacific, US and Europe.

Sectors: Healthcare, AI, Telecommunications and more

4.Coinful Capital


Who: Coinful Capital is an alternative investments hedge fund focusing on various investment options including venture capital.

Sectors: Fintech, Blockchain, Platform Businesses

5. Concord Venture Capital Group

Who: Concord Venture Capital Group is a VC firm focused on diversified investments in technology-driven companies in the United States, Greater China, Japan and Taiwan.

Sectors: IT, Software and Hardware

6. Fortune Venture Investment Group

Fortune Venture Investment Group

Who: Fortune Venture Investment Group is a venture capital firm specializing in early stage, expansion stage, and mature investments.

Sectors: SaaS, electronics and more

7. Hive Ventures

Who: Hive Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage teams.

Sectors: Automation, AI, Digital Designs and more

8. Hotung Venture Capital Corp.

Who: Hotung Venture Capital is a venture capital firm based in Taiwan focusing on early and late stage ventures

Sectors: Hardware, Electronics



Who: ITIC is a Taiwanese venture capital firm that has invested over US$ 400 million across the globe

Sectors: AI, Biotech, Advanced Materials more

10. MediaTek Ventures

Who: Mediatek is a Taiwanese semiconductor company that runs a venture capital arm called Mediatek Ventures.

Sectors: AI, automation and more

11. Pinehurst Advisor ​

Who: Pinehurst Advisors is an early stage angel & seed fund management company with an investment focus in the digital media, mobile, and ecommerce space.

Sectors: Digital media, e-commerce, mobile and more

12. Prudence Capital Management

Prudence Capital Management

Who: Prudence Capital Management is devoted to raising and operating venture capital funds, as well as providing business incubation services.

Sectors: Biomed, IT and more

13. PTI Ventures

PTI Ventures

Who: PTI Ventures specializes in early to growth stage capital for private technology companies with a typical investment size of US$150,000 ~ US$5,000,000

Sectors: Nanotech, clean technology, consumer & internet, and hardware.

14.Sinopac Venture

Sinopac Venture

Who: SinoPac Venture Capital invests in mainly early stage, startup, and development phase enterprises, along with mature and pre-IPO enterprises,

Sectors: E-commerce, FinTech, Industry 4.0, Automation and more

15. Taipei Angels

Taipei Angels

Who: Taipei Angels is an angel investment group of more than 80 top executives and entrepreneurs focusing on seed funding.

Sectors: Biotech, CleanTech, Mobile and more

16. Taiwania Capital


Who: Taiwania Capital is a venture capital firm backed by the government of Taiwan with fund sizes a total of US$ 350 million.

Sectors: Enterprise Software, AI, IoT, Robotics and more

17.Top Taiwan Venture Capital

Who: Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group is a venture capital firm that has invested in more than 250 successful companies, many of which have later returned to become investors themselves

Sectors: Biotech, hardware and more

18. Trans Pacific Technology Fund


Who: Trans Pacific Technology Fund is a technology-driven venture capital fund, investing in innovative companies

Sectors: IoT, AI, Cleantech and more

19. Translink Capital

Who: Translink Capital is a venture capital firm with roots in both the US and Asia, mainly Taiwan, China, Japan and South Korea focusing on a range of sectors for investments

Sectors: Agtech, Gaming, Digital Health more

20. WK Technology Fund

Who: WK Technology Fund is a venture capital firm with up to US$570M of funds under management

Sectors: IT, Medtech, Clean Energy and more

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Last Updated: March 2021

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