Top 15 VCs in Thailand

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As the second-largest economy within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – after Indonesia – with a GDP of nearly USD 530 billion in 2020, and a pro-innovation government that unveiled a Thailand 4.0 strategy in 2018 to encourage the development of ‘futuristic’ industries such as next-generation automotive and digital technology, Thailand is already an attractive place for both entrepreneurs and investors. For instance, Bangkok already ranks within the top 100 startup ecosystems globally.

In light of the important role that venture capital plays in the funding of startups, we highlight the top 15 VC funds based in Thailand today.


  1. Inspire Ventures

Who: Inspire is a USD 25 million partner-funded venture builder and investor with a broad Southeast Asian presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The VC develops businesses in-house with a committed technology team and focuses particularly on partnering with exceptional managers. Inspire Ventures invests in early stage and high growth businesses in the Southeast Asia markets, with a strong emphasis on localization.

Sectors: E-Commerce, Education, Digital Media, Social Commerce, Marketing


  1. Galaxy Ventures

Who: Galaxy Ventures is a Thai venture capital firm founded in 2012 that is focused on growing startups into regional players.

Sectors: E-Commerce, Logistics, and more


  1. N-Vest Venture

Who: Founded in 2014, N-Vest Venture is an alternative investment management firm with a focus in private equity investment. The VC provides a bespoke strategy for each company’s need.

Sectors: Logistics, Visual Effects & Animation, Robotics, Social Media Analyzing Service, CRM, Education, Digital Marketing, AI


  1. InVent

Who: InVent is a venture capital firm based in Thailand that aims to help companies innovate and grow sustainably worldwide. InVent is focused on strategic investments in early to growth-stage tech startups, in a wide range of sectors.

Sectors: Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Emerging technology, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, and others


  1. Alpha Founders Capital

Who: Alpha Founders Capital (AFC) is a venture capital firm with a special focus on Thailand and Vietnam. The VC most often invests into late seed rounds. AFC states that it can add value to suitable companies through its founding teams, its coaching sessions on key topics, and access to their network.

Sectors: Fintech, E-vehicles, and more


  1. Beacon Venture Capital

Who: Beacon Venture Capital is a corporate venture capital fund of Kasikornbank, a commercial bank in Thailand, with the highest mobile penetration and largest SME base. Beacon Venture Capital boasts an initial fund of USD 30 million and is focused on strategic investments in early to growth-stage technology startups.

Sectors: Fintech, Consumer Internet and Enterprise Technology, Ecosystem Orchestrator, and Emerging Technology


  1. K2 Venture Capital

Who: K2 Venture Capital is a venture capital firm interested in new technological change with the potential to make a significant impact to society.

Sectors: Fintech, Insurance, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain


  1. SCB 10X

Who: SCB 10X is a holding company of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB Group). The VC invests in early-stage startups.

Sectors: Fintech, Blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Digital Work and Lifestyle, Digital Health and Wellness IoT, and Deeptech


  1. Sparx Ventures

Who: Sparx Ventures provides investment and mentorship to early-stage technology startups. The VC is active in its approach to investing, striving to build collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs by providing funding, technology guidance, legal and accounting support, IT infrastructure, and business plan optimization.

Sectors: Fintech, Social Networks, and more


  1. Stonelotus Ventures

Who: Stonelotus Ventures supports entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with growth capital and management depth to generate value for the stakeholders of each venture.

Sectors: Distribution and Marketing, FoodTech, and others


  1. AddVentures

Who: AddVentures, the corporate venture arm of Siam Cement Group (SCG), works with innovative tech startups globally through partnerships and investment activities. The VC uses SCG’s network and resources throughout Southeast Asia to support suitable startups.

Sectors: Marketplace, Robotics, Agtech, and more


  1. Unigin Ventures

Who: Unigin Ventures invests in startups of all levels and helps these companies through networks, providing support for infrastructure, as well as provide legal and accounting advice.

Sectors: Edtech, Transport, and more


  1. Siri Ventures

Who: A Corporate Venture Capital firm that provides access to its expertise and market, Siri Ventures works with government agencies, universities, startup accelerators and other CVCs.

Sectors: Construction Tech, Proptech, Foodtech, and more


  1. Singha Ventures

Who: Singha Ventures is a corporate venture capital unit of Singha Corporation. The VC has a presence in 11 industries in 5 countries, and offers suitable companies assistance with R&D, branding, marketing, logistics, and more.

Sectors: Consumer Tech, Logistic solutions, Enterprise solutions, and more


  1. Taurus Ventures

Who: Taurus Ventures invests in early-stage technology-enabled businesses in Southeast Asia and USA.

Sectors: Adtech, Data Analytics, Media, and more


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