Top 10 VCs in Peru

The venture capital ecosystem in Peru is still relatively nascent, but advances has been made over the past years as the country moves towards innovating. In 2020, the country’s startups received up to USD 46 million of VC funds, a majority of which in Edtech (40%) and E-commerce (27%).

Here we’ve compiled a list of the top VC firms in Peru.

  1. The Venture City

Who: The Venture City provides both seed and Series A funding, with a ticket value of approximately USD 2.5 million. To date, the VC firm has provided up to  USD 150 million worth of funding, specifically to startups that have the potential to scale globally.

Sector(s): Healthtech, Travel, Marketplace, Fintech

  1. Angel Ventures

Who: Angel Ventures invests in early-stage to early-growth startups, specifically pre-seed or Series A funding. Thus far, the VC firm has closed 2 funds, along with a seed fund. The VC firm specifically invest in startups tailored to the Latin American market.

Sector(s): Fintech, IoT, SaaS, Edtech, Healthtech

  1. Salkantay Ventures

Who: Salkantay Ventures invests in early-stage, scalable companies in Latin America. The startups under its tutelage receives support in future financing rounds, business development, and strategic recruitment.

Sector(s):Edtech, Fintech, Healthtech, SaaS/B2B, E-commerce, Logistics, Agtech

  1. The Board Peru

Who: The Board Peru invests in startups that are scalable, whilst offering funding, networking opportunities and a workspace to grow from

Sector(s): All

  1. Ataria Ventures

Who: Ataria Ventures is leading venture capital firm that is involved in venture building and corporate venturing. The firm has thus far invested in over 35 companies.

Sector(s): Legaltech, AI, Healthtech, IoT

  1. Winnipeg Capital

Who: Winnipeg Capital is a PE and Venture Capital Firm that offers seed capital investments to local startups. The firm actively participates in pitching competitions

Sector(s): Agtech, SaaS

  1. Endeavor Peru

Who: Endeavor runs various programs globally, this includes investments in budding startups in countries such as Peru.  

Sector(s): All

  1. Capia

Who: CAPIA is an investment firm that also has a venture arm that provides funding for Series A startup companies.

Sector(s): All

  1. BBCS Capital

Who: BBCS Capital is dedicated to providing funding for startups with high scaling potential. The company works with a network of angel investors.

Sector(s): All

  1. Krealo

Who: Krealo is the corporate venturing arm of Credicorp that invest in startups which has growth potential in the Latin America region.

Sector(s): Fintech

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