Top 10 VCs in Chile

The venture capital ecosystem in Chile is on the rise with various successful exits over the last couple of years driving the appetite for more investment and interest from the the public and private sector.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the top VC firms in Chile.

  1. Genesis Ventures

Who: Genesis Ventures is a Chilean headquartered VC firm with offices in Mexico, Colombia, US, UK and Germany that invest in multi stage venture capital rounds from Seed to Series A, and further growth rounds.

Sector(s): All

  1. Dadneo

Who: Dadneo is a VC firm that focuses on early stage, pre seed and series A funding with investments of approximately US$300,000 to US$1.2 million dollars. The company also works with a network of angel investors

Sector(s): All

  1. Chile Global Ventures

Who: Chile Global Ventures provides a multifaceted investment approach with an angel investor branch, along with a branch focused on startups and venture capital respectively. To date, over US$120 million have been invested in more than 190 startups

Sector(s): Agriculture, Food Tech, Construction and more

  1. Digevo Ventures

Who: Digevo Ventures focuses on early stage ventures such as seed and series A funding with high potential for scaling regionally.

Sector(s): AI, IoT, Robotics and more

  1. Guil Mobility Ventures

Who: Guil Mobility Ventures is a VC firm targeted towards mobility solutions with investments going from US$500,000 to $3 million dollars.

Sector(s): Mobility

  1. Manutara Ventures

Who: Manutara Ventures is a Chilean VC firm that focuses on pre-seed and Series A investments of up to US$ 1million USD.

Sector(s): SaaS, Fintech, e-Sports

  1. Chile Ventures

Who: Chile Ventures is a leading VC firm in the country focusing on early stage startups with investments of between US$50,000 to US$500,000 dollars. 

Sector(s): All

  1. Alaya Venture Capital

Who: Alaya Venture Capital focuses on early stage startups with the potential to scale regionally in Latin America with a fund size of up to US$ 20 million dollars.

Sector(s): Agrotech, fintech, healthtech and edtech

  1. Kayyak

Who: Kayyak focus is a Latin American VC firm focusing on seed and series A funding for a range of startups and industries with investments of between US$1 – 4 million dollars.

Sector(s): All

  1. AllVP

Who: AllVP focuses on seed and series A funding of promising startups with the possibility of scaling regionally in Latin America. Notable investments include Cornershop and Fintual

Sector(s): Fintech, Smart Cities and more

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