Top 10 LATAM mobility startups

Latin America is ready for mobility startups to flourish with a value of more than $3 billion dollars invested into this sector and 45 startups created.

Below you will find our 10 top startups that offer transport solutions for people and goods, making use of technologies such as AI, Big Data, and electric vehicles. Some of them focus on providing solutions through clean energy or collaborative economies, contributing to the environment and assisting in traffic management.

Find out more about the Top 10 startups below!

  1. Ualabee:

It provides mobility solutions through Big Data and AI, integrating routes, public transport schedules, micro-mobility services and ride-hailing operators on the same platform. It offers the following services: Collaborative Mobile App; White Label, a customizable business platform; Transit Apis for developers, startups, and enterprises; GTFS Editor (General Transit Feed Specifications).

Country: Argentina

  1. Shuttle Central

Application programming interface (API) that connects local mobility services with the main transport providers in the tourism sector. It is present in 162 cities in 12 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Country: Mexico

  1. Tembici

They are the leaders in micro-mobility in the region. It is a shared bicycle solution that involves civil society and establishes partnerships with public and private entities in cities for smart and efficient mobility. With presence in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Country: Brazil


Drone delivery system created in Uruguay, the country where all its software, aircraft, controls and mechanisms were designed and developed. It frees companies from security tasks, flight permits, aircraft control and route management of their shipments. It has the first commercial authorization for cargo transport with drones in Latin America.

Country: Uruguay

  1. OasisGroup

It offers sustainable alternatives for mobility in cities. It has three lines of business: Obikes, a bicycle and electric scooters store; Opark, a line of design and construction of bicycle parking and charging stations for electric vehicles; and Ofest, a platform that provides advisory services, talks and strategies to promote conscious mobility habits.

Country: Colombia

  1. GoElegido

Technological platform that connects car owners with chosen drivers in real time. It was born in order to avoid and prevent deaths caused by people who drive under the influence of alcohol. Operates with the Gig model Economy, which allows independent workers (drivers) to generate income by making autonomous use of their time.

Country: Colombia

  1. Mobi

This clean energy startup has a fleet of electric vehicles which offers three models of bicycles and skateboards. It works through an App that locates the nearest vehicle and unlocks it using a QR code to be able to make a trip. It is developing a system of multimodal micro-mobility vehicles to connect with public transport.

Country: Bolivia

  1. Econduce

It offers mobilization plans in Mexico City on electric motorcycles. It is a fast, easy-to-drive and environmentally friendly transportation alternative. It offers different monthly subscription plans, designed for individuals, businesses, and delivery people.

Country: Mexico

  1. MazMobi

It integrates multiple mobility solutions for companies for their employees’ trips, in a single App. It works under a collaborative economy model. It offers Carsharing, Ride haling, micro-mobility, private transport, and Carpooling services.

Country: Mexico

  1. Kolors

Technological platform for inter-city transport by bus. It implements AI algorithms in aeronautics, planning and logistics to offer an excellent experience from the moment the user makes an online search until they are on board the unit. It has a 100% digital and direct service, without having to go to Terminals.

Country: Mexico