China’s bet on climate change technology: 10 companies to watch out for!

As technology improves and develops, regions around the world are advancing to keep up with the latest developments. Also, there is now more information regarding the new challenges facing governments, including climate change. Thus, the world has been able to use technology to address the effects of climate change.

Although the regions that invest the most in climate tech are North America (65%) and Europe (21%), China is not far behind, as the country alone, not counting other Asian players, accounts for 10% of investment in climate technology worldwide. For this reason, here are some Chinese companies that are helping to address the effects of climate change through technological advances:

Located in Shanghai, the company focuses on supplying hydrogen fuel cell products, producing and selling cost-effective and sustainable technology solutions. They have successfully delivered 100 hydrogen fuel cell trucks for a pilot project in China. With their growth, they have managed to raise USD$141M in funding.

Specializes in the development and manufacture of new energy vehicle charging equipment. The company has become a major private electric vehicle charging operator in the country, and has an advantage in high-power charging technology and intelligent operation and maintenance platform. It is valued at $2.41 billion and is located in Changzhou City.

Its mission is “green energy everywhere.” The company was established in 2018 based in Changzhou. Svolt develops and produces batteries and has an Energy Storage System. They call it as This System seeks to be safe, strong and smart (3S energy systems in English) through photovoltaic, thermal, wind and other energy management systems to have the precise energy according to the needs. Its development has been such that more than 4,000 patents have been applied.

Located in Beijing, better known as Nongxin Internet Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech agricultural Internet company. Its mission is to “change agriculture with the Internet” by building the most influential agricultural digital intelligence green platform in the country. The platform enables farmers to have higher profitability and development capacity through building an ecological circle to connect various resources.

To put China on track toward its goal of becoming carbon-neutral, the company is developing energy storage technologies. They have flow batteries with electrochemical energy storage, seeking industrialization of these industries. The company plans to build a world-leading battery and reduce the cost of these systems to be a mainstream technology. They are located in Shenzhen.

Founded in 2014, Nio works for a more sustainable future for the world. The company builds smart electric vehicles and creates charging solutions. They have a lifetime warranty and 24/7 support wherever the user is. They value technological innovation, aesthetics and smart design, and see globalist cities in the future. Their growth has been such that they have expanded into Chinese cities and have offices in Europe and North America.

Founded in 2016, Bluepha seeks to revolutionize various areas of life to make them more sustainable. The company uses synthetic biology to bring an innovative answer to transition industries towards sustainability. They bring products for consumer, healthcare, agriculture and electronics, among others through the creation of biodegradable materials with biological fermentation. They present substantial and sustainable solutions for current and future generations, they claim that in the company they “Create life for the future”.

It started in 2007 and began with wind energy. As one of the leading companies in the industry, they began to pave the way in digital energy. Thus, they started with the vision of solving the challenges for a sustainable future and providing universal access to clean, safe and affordable energy. From Shanghai, it has regional offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America. In addition to being a leader in battery technology, the company seeks to extend the use of green energy beyond automobiles and support the construction of smart cities.

Another important industry for an energy transition is logistics, a sector that Newrizon focuses on. Founded in 2020, it has already made great progress in the development of new energy commercial vehicles, and has an intelligent system that monitors the status of the truck and has vehicles of different sizes. With their technologies, they have developed intelligent control and autonomous driving, this enables them to conserve energy and reduce emissions, save maintenance costs, improve operating efficiency, extend service life and improve safety.

In addition to mobility and agriculture, clean technologies have also reached homes with the Broad Group. The company manufactures clean air conditioning systems in addition to other sustainability-oriented products to improve the efficiency of buildings. In their various products, they claim to run on clean energy.