The 10 companies that are joining agriculture and technology in Latin America!

Technology has spread through many areas of society and agriculture is no exception. Also, considering that Latin America is a key player in the world’s food production, accounting for approximately 13% of agricultural production worldwide, it is not surprising that the agricultural sector is beginning to include technology in its processes. So, here are 10 companies that bring together the agricultural and technological worlds:

The company creates a technological ecosystem to increase the performance of field workers. Among its products are Jaco, a location system to know the areas traveled, Nukak, which allows the organization and weighing of export boxes with greater accuracy, Inventa, which with georeferencing helps monitor data, and more.

It is a digital platform that connects the food ecosystem with the social ecosystem through artificial intelligence. They managed to develop a technology that lets them know when and where food is discarded, where so, before that, they upload the amount of food to a food cloud, and with AI, they choose the beneficiaries so that, food ready for consumption that is about to be discarded, can be consumed by people who need it.

The company seeks to impact the rural sector through a living wage and food security. This is through a web platform that allows to democratize investment in this sector. Thus, people learn about productive and profitable agricultural projects to invest in, invest through Agrapp, and farm workers are provided with assistance in structuring and management follow-up. These projects, when approved, have marketing contracts for a secure export with a fair price. The company is focusing on export products such as Gulupa, passion fruit (Maracuyá), Granadilla, and cape gooseberry (Uchuva).

SiembraCo seeks to connect consumers with the farmland. This allows sowing fruits and vegetables virtually and receiving the products directly from the field, linking consumers with producers or farmers through a digital platform. The company accompanies the entire process, from planting until the consumer receives the product, using technology and inputs that guarantee the quality and origin of each product. In addition to having environmental benefits and profitability for the consumer, it has training, fixed income, and financing for workers in the field.

A new way to save water and irrigate crops has emerged from Mexico: Solid Rain. This converts water into solid form to reduce waste through infiltration and evaporation. This allows a 90% reduction in the frequency of irrigation and makes each pot or plant generate water savings. This technology allows the water to be transformed into a type of gel where for each kilogram of this formula 500 liters of water are gelatinized.

Agrosmart is a company founded in 2014 that has reached 9 countries in Latin America. The company has a climate intelligence platform, where crops can be monitored with sensors and satellite images through different data sources. Thus, environmental, social and governance parameters can be known for a more sustainable and transparent process.

This is a digital agriculture platform that helps in business decision-making in the sector. The company makes use of data intelligence to improve productivity and decision-making, estimating that an agricultural producer makes 40 important decisions during the crop cycle. The company has specialized applications in seeds, operations, marketing, planning, and many more.

The company has business management software. It is a monitoring system with automatic alerts so that the user knows when the animals require changes in diets, lower production, or generally increase production. With this, it is possible to know more accurately and effectively the status of the animals, health, feeding, and stress levels, among other things.

The company started in Chile to reinvent the food industry. In this way, they developed an artificial intelligence system called Giuseppe. This is to replicate animal foods using plants and vegetables. Giuseppe seeks to understand foods of animal origin to decipher how to recreate them and make them to the taste of consumers due to their similarity with the product of animal origin.

The company specializes in the development of hardware and software for agriculture, integrating different data sources and using artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques. This is to have information on key parameters of your crops on the same platform. The platform provides virtual advice with recommendations in real-time, detecting problems with water, irrigation, fertilizers, pests, and diseases.