Tech cities in LATAM!

Latin America has a vibrant and growing technology sector, with some cities that are becoming important technology hubs in the region. These tech capitals are home to some startups, incubators, accelerators, and other organizations that are driving innovation and growth in the region. In this article, we will explore some of Latin America’s top tech capitals and the unique qualities that make them stand out as hubs of technological innovation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of Latin America’s best-known tech capitals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The city is home to a thriving startup scene, with several successful companies emerging in recent years. The city is also home to several incubators and accelerators, including the Argentine Association of Software Companies (ASA), which helps support the development of new technologies and companies.

Likewise, it has growing companies that bring innovation and transversal development in the technological area. Among these companies, we can find Egg Education, an Argentine company that seeks to solve society’s problems with human cooperation. The startup has a Laboratory to create a technology that enhances cooperation in any space, with this, they apply theories of complex networks to generate appropriate work teams. They have algorithms with scientific principles that analyze the interactions of people and improve their cooperation, so the system organizes the ideal teams based on the profiles of each person. In addition to this, they have educational programs that improve academic performance. Related to education, there is also Henry. It is a company that trains software developers and helps them find a job in exchange for a small percentage of their income. At Henry they believe that someone should invest in people’s education, so they want to democratize access to education in technology careers with a financing system and 100% digital. They provide the knowledge and tools necessary to access various opportunities. 

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Another of Latin America’s main technology capitals is Sao Paulo (Brazil). The city has a large number of technology companies and several co-working spaces, accelerators, and incubators that support the growth of startups. Sao Paulo is also home to the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups), which works to support the development of the startup ecosystem in the region. Among Brazilian companies, we find Buser, a platform that provides bus travel reservations at low costs. It arose from a personal experience, where they saw how difficult it was to get transportation between cities at a low cost or with the necessary frequency. Thus, taking into account that most cities in Brazil are connected by a single bus company, and airports and train stations are insufficient, the company emerged as a safe and modern alternative, through a shared and sustainable technology for citizens to mobilize in a more accessible way. Another startup that emerged to make people’s lives easier and give them access to more services is Creditas. This one was born because Brazilians have access to the worst interest rates and they seek to change that reality. They lend money at lower interest rates with their digital platform.

Mexico City 

Mexico City is another of Latin America’s leading technology hubs. The city has a large and growing startup scene, with several successful companies emerging in recent years. Mexico City is home to several accelerators and incubators, including the Mexican Association of Angel Investors (AMEXCAP), which helps the region’s startups grow. One of the startups that have emerged in CDMX is Sofia, which is one of the fastest-growing companies since 2020. Sofia offers medical advice through video consultations conducted by specialists. In recent years it has had a large number of consultations related to Covid-19, so it managed to have higher growth. During the health situation, they were able to attend more than 2,500 free video consultations. With this, they are allowing more people to take care of their health.

Santiago, Chile, and other cities

Other important technology capitals in Latin America include Santiago de Chile and Bogota (Colombia). Santiago is home to numerous successful startups, as well as many accelerators and incubators that support the growth of new technologies and companies, such as unicorns Butterfly and NotCo. Bogota, meanwhile, is home to a thriving startup scene, with several successful companies emerging in recent years, such as Rappi, Aptuno, Trii, and Agroune.

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Overall, Latin America is home to several technology capitals that are driving innovation and growth in the region. From Buenos Aires to Mexico City, these cities are home to some startups, incubators, accelerators, and other organizations working to support the growth of the technology sector in the region.